Corporate Video

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Corporate videos don’t have to be boring unless you want them to be.


Cocoa Forte

Fire and Spunk Productions had a great time creating a video for Cocoa Forte Desserts. We highlighted their story from hobby to entrepreneurship, and some of their unique flavor combinations for desserts and foods. Located in the triangle area, they have several food trucks and have expanded to their first brick and mortar location at the The Morgan Street food hall in downtown Raleigh.

The People Inspire

Fire and Spunk Productions is extremely proud to launch The People Inspire. It is a docuseries that shares inspiring stories of everyday people that have done extraordinary things. This is a promotional video.

Frame It All

Frame It All provides easy to assemble gardening and landscaping Kits. We have teamed up to provide educational and promotional videos for their youtube, website, and partners.

Frame It All Instructional

We created an instructional video featuring popular Frame It All gardening products. In respect to their brand, we created a quick and simple step-by-step tutorial on how to build a playground with their products.