Based in Raleigh, NC and Los Angles, CA. Serving the southeast and beyond.

Fire & Spunk Productions is built on dreams and the passion to tell stories all around the world.

We are a full service video content creation studio offering script to screen production, standalone production services, and video strategy development.

Whether it’s a feature film, music video, e-course, or commercial, we believe that video content should be engaging, entertaining, and effective.


Script to Screen Production

Our services can include full script to screen production as well as a la carte services brought onto other production projects.

From conceptual brainstorming to production services, into post, and the the final touches of soundtracks, with the support of our diverse team of creatives we are prepared to tell your story.

Why You Need Video?

Throughout our days we often can’t go but a few minutes without seeing some form of video media, and, with the amount of time that the public spends on reading dwindling fast, video is becoming the medium through which most information is ingested.

Fire & Spunk Productions also understands that your story needs to stand out to translate your impactful message, and we’re here to ensure that your audience watch your video from start to finish.

We don’t just create cool videos. We create meaningful content. Our team of creatives work diligently to construct videos with great visuals with messages that are equally significant.

We all have a story.

At Fire & Spunk Productions we believe everyone has a story to tell. Whether it is via narrative, reality television, or instagram ad, we want to share your story.

With our core team formed of women from diverse minority backgrounds, we are dedicated to showcasing stories from around the world.

Impacting the community

It takes a village and our globalized network is what brings our dreams to life. We stay connected to our community by interacting with locals every day. Helping others is a natural extension of our daily work at Fire and Spunk. We bring in local talent whenever possible and partner with small businesses to provide opportunities for growth and visibility.

From charity events to “pay what you can” headshot days, we’re here to do our part in strengthening our community one video at a time.